In Development

Princess & Pok

Princess & Pok is a lively children’s series about the friendship between a slightly spoiled and impulsive princess and her tirelessly loyal servant. Her wishes always end up in mayhem, which Pok discreetly manages. They live in a cosy fairytale palace along with a creative red dragon and a cuddly otherworldly musical creature.

Creative Effects Work


Choosing is a 30 second animation on the dilemma of how to vote in the Scottish referendum. The head may favour the status quo but the heart is drawn in a totally different direction.


Heart to heart was created to showcase the painterly 2D animation potential of the proprietary Aquaverve solution, developed by Ultra Pictura. The animation was traditionally hand drawn on a lightbox, scanned and retraced within the software.
This experimental piece explores a couple making a romantic connection. The boy is weighed down by heavy thoughts till he opens his heart to his emotions.


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